I'm a simple, raised-in-the-south, small town girl, who long ago fell in love with and married a handsome sailor. By the grace of God, we are still married thirty-five-plus years later.

We're multi-generational native Floridians and raised three fine boys and a beautiful daughter here on Pollywog Creek--southwest of central Florida's rural sandy ridge. I admit to complaining about our stifling summers, but there's sand between our toes, and unless the Lord has other plans, we'll likely never leave.

Many of my friends call me Pat. Others call me Patricia. It helps to clear up any gender confusion "Pat" often creates, so I stick with Patricia online.. I'm also "mimi", "memaw", "mama" and "honey." Just pick the one that fits.

Pollywog Creek is where we live - where we've raised and homeschooled children, washed the feet of the saints, dressed for the weddings of all three boys, and delight today in the gift of eight beautiful grandchildren.

Our little space here on Pollywog Creek has five good acres with a modest house, a pond and a creek, a dog and two cats, and my favorite backyard swing. It's been exactly what we have needed and so much more.

After thirteen successful years in professional nursing followed by twenty-three years as a homeschooling mama, I'm now delighting in time to write, speak, take photo walks, drink coffee, and play with my grandlittles.

A freelance writer and photographer (inspired by a psalmist with a camera), I'm cultivating an eye for life's mercies where ever God takes me. It's usually not far from home.

Pollywog Creek is a photo-journal of common graces and mercies -- through sunlight, clinging vines, wildflowers and weeds, whimsical dragonflies and painted buntings, and the hearts I hold most dear. 

Washing the Feet of the Saints has been a painfully slow work in progress - a caring for the elderly, tender-place-in-my-heart. You are welcome to take a peek and read through the archives. Someday I'll return to write more. 

Encou{RA}ge is where I sometimes rarely share my journey with rheumatoid arthritis.

For several years, I was both a ghostwriter and feature writer for subscription magazines, with articles that have been re-published at Crosswalk.com. I'm currently on a team of contributing writers for Gulf Coast Woman, a new regional magazine highlighting the accomplishments of local women. A book featuring my photography was published in April 2014, and it would be wonderful if you would consider buying a copy.

My handsome sailor turned citrus farmer and I were both raised in the church, but we were prodigals -- young adults before either of us returned to our first love and began growing in grace and our relationship with Christ. Reformed in doctrine, we worship on Sundays at a Southern Baptist Church. Truth is we love Jesus, the Body of Christ and the fellowship of believers, and can worship where two or more love Him, too, and are gathered in His name.

If you want to know more about what we believe, you might enjoy these:

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