I'm a simple, raised-in-the-south, small town girl, who long ago fell in love with and married a handsome sailor. By the grace of God, we've been married nearly 40 years.

We're multi-generational native Floridians living in a modest home on a few good acres dotted with pines and moss-draped oaks. Rusty lyonia, beautyberry, palmetto and grapevines flourish in the thickets along Pollywog Creek, and an occasional gator or otter visit our cypress-rimmed pond -- to reduce the frog population, no doubt.

We've raised and homeschooled children and humbly washed the feet of a saint here. Our lives and hearts are full. It's true I complain about Florida summers, but sand is stuck between our toes. Unless the Lord has other plans, we'll likely never leave.

Pollywog Creek is my photo-journal of common graces and mercies -- where I document my practice of cultivating an eye for life's mercies wherever God takes me. Mercies I find in sunlight, clinging vines, wildflowers, insects and weeds, as well as whimsical dragonflies, wide-eyed frogs, painted buntings, and the hearts I hold most dear. I'm usually not far from home.

Washing the Feet of the Saints is a painfully slow work in progress -- a caring for the elderly, tender-place-in-my-heart. You are welcome to take a peek and read through the archives. Someday I'll return to write more. 

Encou{RA}ge is where I sometimes rarely share my journey with rheumatoid arthritis and crohns disease. Chronic illness doesn't define me but it's certainly part of my story.

A freelance writer for several publications over the years, I'm currently a regular contributor to Gulf Coast Woman, a regional magazine highlighting the accomplishments of exceptional SW Florida women.

No Matter What It's a Good Day When is an award winning gift book featuring my photography. It would be wonderful if you'd purchase a copy -- for you or someone you know who could use the encouragement.