It was in early May 2008 - eight months after Casey, Jessi and fifteen month-old Mason moved to Texas in the fall of 2007 - that we traveled the 1200 miles of highways and back-country roads from our home on Pollywog Creek to their home near Blossom, Texas.

I was totally enchanted by the beauty of Texas' late spring and delighted in frequent walks with my camera along the fields of wildflowers bursting with color, but nothing captured my attention more than that adorable little boy - my oldest grandson - who'd broken my heart when he moved so far away.

With the morning sun behind him and a look of whimsy in his little brown hoodie - Mason was not quite two when I took this photo as he sat on his papa's shoulders.  

Two and half years after they moved to Texas, we were thrilled when Casey and his family moved back to Florida, where today, that little boy in the brown hoodie celebrates his fifth birthday.

Happy Birthday Mason!!! I love you - a bushel and a peck - a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck!!!!