Still Saturday::growing in season...


I knew that surgery on my knees would initially be a setback - that I'd enter a season of greater dependency on others and they'd be less able to depend on me. And I dreaded it. It just seems like so much wasted time, when time is too precious to be wasted. But then I read this from Margaret Feinberg in "A Time for Everything" and I'm encouraged to remember that no season is wasted - that I can still "seek and celebrate God" and choose to grow even in this season of dependence.
Some seasons of life will be marked by transition and change; others will be defined by their steadiness. Some seasons in life will challenge us to give; others will teach us to receive....The amazing news of being a child of God is that no matter what season of life we find ourselves in we have the opportunity to seek and celebrate God right in the midst. We can choose to grow in the fullness of all God has called and created us to be. Becoming more Christ-like isn't something that's just awaiting you in your next season of life - it's available to you right now!
I'm thrilled to be hosting Sandra Heska King's Still Saturday link-up this month. While I'm still trying to catch up with everyone who linked-up last week, I promise to persevere. 

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