Dressing modestly for swimming (with advice from Barlowgirl)

My daughter Emily has always been very conscious of dressing modestly and how she dresses to swim in public is no exception. She usually wears a pair of shorts and a t-shirt over her bathing suit, even while swimming. Her concern for dressing modestly was one of the reasons she was initially attracted to to the Barlow sisters: Lauren, Alyssa and Rebecca. (A portion of our interview with BarlowGirl last spring can be read here.) In a recent BarlowGirl Soundpost Forum, Lauren Barlow answered the question: "Does BG (Barlowgirl) wear bathing suits???" Here is Lauren's answer:
"Hey Guys, Ok, this topic is always a big one that us girls are always asked about. Most people think that when we say God is calling all women to be modest that somehow that excludes swimwear. But the way we dress on the beach is just as important as how we dress every other day. Let me put it this way.. Do you think its right or proper to walk around in public in your bra and undies?? What about coming to a bg concert in your wonderful undergarments? That would be incredibly weird, so please don't My point is that its pretty much the same exact thing as wearing a bikini to a beach.. Except most beaches have more people there then our shows do. Girls this issue is black and white, if, when we wear immodest clothing we are causing the entire male population to have thoughts they shouldn't be having, then why are we putting expectations on them to stay pure while we are the very ones causing them to stumble. It’s a complete double standard. Girls its not about whether we are "comfortable" with our bodies or not! We need to love our bodies and the way God created us but bottom line is that there are things that we should not be showing the rest of this world, I don’t care how beautiful it is. Girls, you are worth covering up and protecting guy’s purity is worth us being a little uncomfortable during the summer time. Are 2 pieces cute? Absolutely but if we are pursuing a life of purity like God is calling all of us too, then we better leave it on the hanger at the store cause its not for us..."
I know that the definition of "modesty" is not the same for all of us, but I would love to hear how other ladies (young and not-so-young) dress modestly for swimming. 

While I am on the subject of BarlowGirl, those of you with daughters might be interested in looking at the BarlowGirl's Psalm 73 Challenge. In this challenge, the Barlow sisters want to encourage girls to know that God is all they need in life. In addition to a weekly Bible study, there will be interviews with Josh Harris, Darlene Zcech, TobyMac, Nancy Alcorn, Joyce Meyer,and other teachers/musicians, who will share how God has shown Himself to each of them. The Psalm 73 Challenge is free, and Week 1 of the Bible study is here. Emily and I are going to do it. Anyone else?