Saturday Photo Hunt::Unique/Funny Signs...

What a challenge the "unique/funny sign" theme is for me this week. I wasn't sure I could even participate, but as I scanned my archives last evening, I found a couple of photos that might loosely qualify.


There was little for the Florida Gator football team and fans to cheer about this past season, with the exception of Tim Tebow - their star quarterback and the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner. Only a college sophomore, Tim was a legend even before he won the coveted Heisman. With a "Superman" reputation, it seemed that there was nothing that Tim Tebow could not do - which was perfectly illustrated by the "Tim Tebow can stop Global Warming" sign in the photo my daughter Emily took at the Florida/Florida State football game in November. 

Many people would be surprised to know that black bears are on the list of wildlife that inhabit Florida, though citings in the wild are rare. The bear crossing signs along Highway 27 in south central Florida have always made me laugh. I wonder how the bears know that it is that 12-mile stretch of highway that is "safe" for them to cross because of those signs, or if the presence of the signs have made any difference in the number of bear/traffic collisions. I know that the bear crossing sign is not very clear. I snapped it through the car window while the car was moving at highway speeds. 

Nothing unique or funny about the "Hunter's" sign in the middle. I added it to the collage for presentation - because we are the Hunters.