A few of my favorite things...

...from the past few days on Pollywog Creek.
Lichen - British Soldier This lichen growing on the wood fence posts is called cladonia cristatella or British Soldier. I'm fascinated by the various shapes and textures and the tiny red flowers.
Grapevine Leaves Mosaic The thickets near the creek are overflowing with grapevines. I'm particularly attracted to the way they cling with long red tendrils, the scalloped leaf edges, and the colors and textures of new growth.
High in the Sky I'm fully aware that not everyone has the same affection for the sweetgum trees that I do. The leaves are as brilliant in the fall as any we will ever have on Pollywog Creek. I even like the spiny seedpods and the way they hang from the bare winter branches. The goldfinches and other songbirds delight in the seeds before the pods fall to the ground and Gavin can collect them in a bucket. Gavin's "Ball" Collection
Flowers and critters Who doesn't like the promise of a rose bud and yellow wildflowers and gold sparkling dragonfly wings? And it wouldn't be Pollywog Creek without fox squirrels.
County Dock Sunset 2 A sabbath sunset near the point where Pollywog Creek flows into the Caloosahatchee River. I'm awe-struck every time. Can anything but Christ Himself be more glorious than the rising or setting of the sun?
I've been doing a little "blog-keeping" lately. A couple of my blogs have been like rooms in the house where the door has been closed and I'd forgotten what was in there, so I imported two of them - beautiful in its time and Project 365 - into this one, and eventually they will be deleted. Links to the imported posts from those blogs are in the sidebar. Our local crisis pregnancy ministry held a Walk for Life event this past Saturday. While everyone else was out walking, I stayed behind at the registration table and took photos of everything I could think of to pass the time until they returned - which is why there is a new "me" photo in the sidebar. My week is full of goodness. Today we were able to meet Casey long enough to give him a hug, some groceries, and chocolate cupcakes from Emily. The rest of the week is packed with "mission" opportunities, Bible study, doctor appointments (check-ups), lifegroup, my writer's group, a trip to Starbucks, lots of Gavin time (though its never enough), and planning for upcoming trips to Miami (for the Hillsong United conference with Emily), a Chris Tomlin concert in West Palm, a road trip to Gainesville, Atlanta, and Nashville, and finally a two-week stay in Texas when Austin is born - if the Lord wills it so. I told you it was full of goodness. What about you? What are some of your favorite scenes from recent days, and what goodness fills your week to come?