Saturday Photo Hunt and Project: Month of Coffee::Chipped

Chipped cup on Chipped Picnic Table
Because of its large size and sturdiness, this pink chipped coffee mug on the chipped wooden picnic table is my hubby's favorite. The rose is likely to be the last bit of natural color found on Pollywog Creek for a while. This week's hard freeze severely damaged most, if not all, of our tropical foliage.
Chipped mug with basil
This mug is also chipped, but I've disguised the chips with paint and filled it with basil where it sits on the chipped tree stump under the oak tree by the pond.
The lizards don't seem to mind the chipped and splintered pieces of wood fencing. In fact, they seem to be their favorite places to catch a few sun-rays and maybe a fly or two.
Frozen bird bath
And the water in our backyard birdbath Thursday morning looked a lot like chipped ice to me. Blessings to all my photohunt friends and a great big thanks to TNChick, for hosting the Saturday Photo Hunt every week. For "chipped(s)" photos from other Photo Hunt participants be sure to click on the Photo Hunter Banner or the Technorati PhotoHunt tag below. The theme for next week's Photo Hunt is: furry.