Carry on...

My beautiful daughter Emily has returned from people and places and experiences that I will likely never know this side of glory. I did little more yesterday than soak up as many stories, photos and videos as she had the energy and patience to share with me. She is still absorbing it all - from Chicago to Kigali to Amsterdam, and airports in London and Nairobi in route. One of her first reflections is that the greater mission field is Amsterdam, and some of her photos (links below) confirm the probable truth of that thought. Some people who know and love Jesus need food and water and clothing, but many people with food and water and clothing need Jesus, and that is most certainly the greater need. Though Emily is still wandering around in the fog of serious jet lag, I'm not letting her get too settled in just yet. We leave early in the morning for Tampa and Women of Faith with Kristin and her sister Brooke, where we will connect with Lizbeth and my neices Sommer and April.
And the rhythms of life on Pollywog Creek will carry on without us. Emily's photos from Chicago, Rwanda, and Amsterdam Alex Faubel's Photos from Rwanda 2009