After the Rain

Thursdays are one of my favorite days of the week.

It's the day I get to visit my dear friend Joyce and help her with a few things that she can't safely do alone. I get to hear her wonderful stories and we laugh and we pray and sometimes I take her out for appointments here and there. She tells me she prays for me every night, and I am humbled. It's the day we get to share a meal with dear, dear friends and study and pray and leave for home filled-up and stirred-up.

Thursdays are favorites, but Fridays are, too, especially today. Can you guess who's coming to play?
May you see your children's children! Psalms 128:6a
Photos: After-the-rain collage: cardinal, bench swing cut-out, a small south Florida glimpse of fall; milkweed at dusk; Gavin (who else!)