Summer and not-summer...

Emily says we have two seasons here in southwest Florida: summer and not-summer. I am beyond ready for some not-summer, and I'm almost afraid to say it out loud, but the forecast high for Sunday is......79. 79. No 90's, not even any 80's, but 79. Lord willing. Now, I do realize that if we are to delight in a sunny 79 then it most likely means that many of my dear sweet friends up yonder, who have been posting delightful photographs of stunning fall foliage and cozy sweatshirts and knitting wool sweaters as they snuggle together before a lovely fire while I sweat bullets and turn up the air-conditioning, will be turning on their heaters and possibly spending a cold and dreary day indoors while we throw open the doors and windows and light our cinnamon apple candles and pretend we actually have fall...but y'all can share with us this one day, can't you?