What did you see today?

For most of the years we were raising a family, Louis was a citrus farmer.
He delighted in spending many long days outdoors, in orange groves and cypress hammocks and on long and winding country roads.
"What did you see today, daddy?" The boys begged to know before Louis could even get out of his boots.
They were spellbound by Louis' stories of tractors and backhoes...
...and alligators and wild turkeys and rattlesnakes and bobcats...
...and they lived for the opportunity to "go to work with daddy" and the possibility of experiencing a creature encounter themselves.
I miss those days of wonder - of listening to Louis' stories and seeing the world through the eyes of my children and finding joy in the adventures of life.
More than once last week, Gavin, who is not quite three, talked about seeing angels. Lots of them. Everywhere. He was serious.
See the angels?

"See the angels?" He pointed Mason toward the cloudless blue sky. "They are all over!"

Maybe I should have been asking the children, "What did you see today?"

"For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.." ~ Psalm 91:11