Good Morning Sunshine

I do love this photo. I took it the same day in October 2006 that I also took the froggy photo that has frequently greeted visitors to Pollywog Creek in the header. It might even be the very same frog, watching the sunrise and waiting for breakfast from a leafy ledge in the bed of zinnias.

Lord willing, and with a heart bursting with gratitude for all the Lord has done for me, I will celebrate my sixtieth birthday sixty days from today.

One of the ways I want to document my gratefulness is by posting one of my favorite archived photos every day for the next sixty days. My initial plans for these posts were elaborate, but life has a way of pressing in when I least expect it. I want this to be a joy and not a burden, so I need to keep it simple.

Choosing just 60 favorite photos is a daunting task all by itself, so I set a couple of boundaries for myself. The first is "no people." It would be impossible for me to narrow my favorite people photos down to 600 of the little boys alone. So "no people" photos in this group of sixty favorites. I also won't spend hours perusing the thousands of photos on my hard drives. It will be enough of a challenge to choose from the photos I've already uploaded since 2006.

One word, one sentence, one paragraph, one poem, one song, one hymn, or one scripture - maybe.
I have two minutes left to publish Day 1! See what I mean about life pressing in?