This week...

...muscovey ducks paddled 'round the pond.

...the azaleas bloomed glorious.

...a hawk kept his evil eyes on the feeders.

gopher turtle 
...a gopher turtle slowly made his way along the pasture fence.

...and we watched a small black racer eat a whole lizard.

Green Painted Bunting 
...the green

...and male painted buntings flew in from the thickets and feasted at the feeders.

Cedar Waxwings at Birdbath

Cedar Waxwing 
...while the pretty cedar waxwings landed by the dozens to drink from the bird bath.

Cardinals, bluejays, mockingbirds, warblers, turkey vultures, swallow-tailed kites, woodpeckers, sparrows, white ibises, goldfinches, grey squirrels and fox squirrels...they've all stopped by to amuse us, as well. What have you seen in your neck of the woods this week?