Now where was I...

...washing and storing all but one feeder 'til the buntings and goldfinches return in the fall
...delighting in the gift of cooler mornings, and the birds and weeds wildflowers before Louis mowed them under (the flowers, not the birds) ...reading wonderful books ...playing cars and animals and watching "something I like" with Gavin ...savoring delicious homemade delicacies (thank you, Betsy) and long conversations with friends ...journaling through Galatians ...watching (in rapt amazement) the miracle of a tiny heartbeat on the earliest of ultrasounds - an answer to prayer for Nick and Kristin (January 1 - I knew you would wonder) ...washing feet, running errands and helping my friend pack
...contemplating the days to come ...NOT finishing my story. I will. I promise.
There now. I'm all caught up.