Modus operandi...

Around the pond...
My apparent modus operandi for life these days is "fits and starts." I'm a bit like those bullfrogs in our pond - barely moving for hours in the muck at the edge before suddenly leaping forward, skipping across the surface of the water in a succession of quick jumps, then sinking to swim back to rest in the muck again.
I can be quite productive, accomplishing much, in those leaps forward. It's the resting time that can be my undoing - where I can lose my focus and goals can grow dim. My "On Trial" series is a perfect example. There's good news, however, for the handful of readers who've been patiently waiting for more. The next installment is in the hands of my critique group and will likely be posted later this week.
On one of my recent skips across the water, (with considerable help from Louis and Emily) I completed a major cleaning of our master bedroom and painted the walls in the living/dining room, a small hallway and two foyers, but I swam back to the muck before I finished painting the trim and doors. It's a resting place where I've been distracted for too many days. Refocused and leaping forward, I'll be back to painting today, but I'm curious. What is your modus operandi? Are you a "fitter and starter" like me?
Photos: from recent ramblings 'round the pond (yes, the gator is still here), the green fruit of wild beauty berry wrapped in grapevines at the creek, and an assortment of insects crawling and fluttering about.