Give me one thing more...

"Thou who has given so much to me,
give one thing more: a grateful heart."

~ George Herbert

Sure would be nice if someone would say 'thank you'. I grumbled to myself, irritated that no one seemed to appreciate a single thing I did.

It's what happens when the things you do are freely given. I continued the woe-is-me pitiful conversation with myself. Their lack of gratitude makes me not want to give them one more thing - ever again.

Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful.

"I know how you feel."  The Lord's whisper pierced my heart as I began to recall a multitude of gifts and blessings from His very hand - freely given grace and mercy gifts I'd failed to acknowledge or appreciate.

My cheeks blushed with shame. It's a wonder that He's given me one more thing - ever again.

Give me one thing more, Lord, I begged - please give me a grateful heart.

Road Trip

Photos: the sun hanging low over sugarcane fields and reflecting at sunset on the hood of the car as I drove east to west down rural highways a few weeks ago.