Mine is a camera - and I say that with all humility. It's simply a "perspective gift" with which I've been entrusted...and Pollywog Creek is a canvas where that "camera brush" paints - where the abundance of my heart speaks in digital photo words of pixels and light.

And it's a sobering thought.

There's no hiding what turns my head or my concept of beauty - what captures my heart.

My idols.

With what brush(es) do you paint and the abundance of your is heart revealed?

Ann - who paints with a multitude of brushes, asks us to share on Wednesdays how we practice Ressurection. (Might you join?) It's my desire - my hope - that I am doing so as I "cultivate an eye for life's mercies" and brush those mercy images onto this Pollywog Creek canvas.

Photos - blanket flowers in all of their glorious stages - my current fascination (as well as the bees) - flourishing in the small flower bed under the study's east-facing window.