You are amazing...

Gypsy Mama Lisa-Jo challenged her readers Friday to write about "wonder"  - for 5 minutes without editing or tweaking.

I didn't participate, but was inspired to reflect on the meaning of wonder as I read Jenny's lovely response (at Rainmakers and Storm Chasers) to Lisa-Jo's 5-minute challenge.

Wonder is my response to things magical and mysterious - to the majestic and miraculous and beyond my understanding. Wonder causes me to pause and be still and to reflect more deeply on what my eyes have seen and my ears have heard.

Wonder sometimes takes me on a journey for answers, but more often I'm simply satisfied to be in awe.

Wonder is uploading a photo, and as an image fills the screen, it takes my breath away, and praise wells up in my spirit, and the only thing I can say is "Wow. God. You are amazing!"

As I consider adding to my list of One Thousand Gifts on this Monday to count multitudes, I am grateful for all that inspires wonder - that leads me to worship the Creator of all that is wonderful and good... from Gavin's Easter garden - transplanted and flourishing under sweetgum trees
...steady, soaking rains
...generous and cheerfully-given support for Emily's trip to Burundi (*how can I ever thank each of you enough*)
...our small lifegroup friends
...our pastors and elders and worship team
...unhurried hours with a grandlittle to put chores and deadlines aside and build with legos and play with toy cars and eat homemade ice cream and make absolutely certain he knows he is loved calls from grown sons
...chocolate birthday cake
...Marilyn's "week three"
...Joyce's time in France
...Sunday afternoon naps
...hazelnut coffee and real cream
...peace - when the security we've known is threatened - that covers a multitude of my sins

Won't you join Ann and other grateful hearts counting thanks together?