Telling stories...

Once a week for several years, I've been helping an eighty-something friend take a shower, change the sheets on her bed, drive her to hair and nail appointments and assist her with a few minor chores here and there. We laugh and pray, and along the way she's told me the most delightful stories from her years growing up an Army brat to the adventures of raising six children and into the decades that followed.

Yesterday her son drove her in his convertible to an out-of-town doctor's appointment. Today she described the trip to me - racing down the highway, the sunburn on her forehead while she held her hair in place with a scarf - and it was hilarious.

Another son recently bought her a laptop, and I'm thrilled. Her gift of storytelling has been wasted on the few of us privileged to listen. I can hardly wait for her to begin using the laptop to preserve the stories for future generations.

In recent months I've been almost as needy as my friend and more than once I've been forced to call on others to fill in for me. Not only has it been humbling to admit that I need help, but frustrating to know I'd be missing out on all the fun.  

The past two weeks, Emily's not only helped me more at home, but also to care for my friend. She's done most of the work, I've just tagged along for the stories, laughter, love and prayers.

I'd love to know - how is your life enriched by listening to the stories of others?

Photos: Though I am getting around much better today on twice the prednisone, it still takes a lot to get me outside with my camera in this heat. I was first lured out to cut a rose bloom, but when I saw that tiny snake on the fence, I was hooked. I thought my readers would be happier about the snake if I took Easter garden flower photos while I was out there. Forgive me, Allie, for the snake?