Tweet, tweet...

Beware of hurry. Beholding glory begs for lingering. 
~ John Piper

Every once in a while, I wonder why I do any of this - blog, write on Facebook or tweet on Twitter.

Especially Twitter - what sometimes seems like a giant black hole - where my 140-characters-or-less are sucked into a deep, dark abyss the second they are posted.

Who cares (with the possible exception of my family and closest friends) what a want-to-be psalmist with a camera on Pollywog Creek in the Rural South has to say about anything anyway? (violins playing in the background)

If it weren't for the handful of perfectly delightful and lovely souls (you know who you are) who latch onto some of those sinking characters and engage me for a moment before they forever disappear, I'd shaken the dust off my twittering feet (or should I say fingers) and moved on long ago.

Today was one of those dust-shaking-off days - when I inched this close to calling my twittering days over.

Then my lovely and creative writer friend Heather Holleman posted Why I'm Now Using Twitter...

And I read Jeff Goins' Does Twitter Make You a Better Writer?"...

And John Piper tweeted that fabulous quote about not being in a hurry that I was so grateful to see...

And I remembered what I've known all along - that blogging, facebooking (?), twittering, and life never have been (or should be) about me.

"...whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."

Photos: Red-headed and red-bellied woodpeckers from my short walk around Pollywog Creek this July afternoon.