We are not alone...

The responses to that post have been both overwhelming and encouraging. They've confirmed what I've always known but sometimes forget - we are not alone.

We are not alone in our feelings, our fears, our failures, and most importantly, our faith.

We know we've been created to be image-bearers, fearfully and wonderfully made - God's chosen and beloved sons and daughters.
We know we have been given more than enough grace for every need and task before us.
What we need is each other - to remind us of these truths - to love us, to encourage us, to spur us on, to pick us up when we fall down, and remind us that we are not alone.
Truly grateful this Monday for an endless list...

  • grace, grace, grace....
  • more friends than I deserve 
  • medicine
  • kindness of a stranger who knew I'd reached the end of my rope
  • humbling, adorable letter from our precious Diego in Guatemala
  • a daughter who stayed home from Africa with more courage than it would have taken for her to go
  • air-conditioning 
  • friends who pray 
  • a gift of beans and rice and cornbread
  • fresh flowers on the table
  • roses...and thorns
  • hard lessons
  • laughter
  • rain
  • communion
  • another day

Counting thanks in community with Ann . Won't you join us? 

Photos: from the archives, for which I am also grateful.