Pity the heart that can't see it...

...renewal springs

A couple of weeks ago I left a comment for Emily (@imperfect prose) that has been resonating in my own heart since...
Dandelions are so much more than weeds. In fact, I don't think they are weeds at all...they just keep popping up where they aren't invited {the definition of a weed, of course}, but what promise they hold packed with all those seeds...and a determination to offer beauty, even if it isn't wanted. Pity the heart who can't see it.
"Pity the heart that can't see it," I tell Emily. "But isn't that my own heart at times?" I wonder - when the "dandelions" of  interruptions and unscheduled events keep "popping up where they aren't invited" and determine to derail my plans, and I grumble and complain and fail to see that they are coming from the hand of God.
The great thing, if one can, is to stop regarding all the unpleasant things as interruptions of one’s “own,” or “real” life. The truth is of course that what one calls the interruptions are precisely one’s real life—the life God is sending one day by day. ~ C.S. Lewis
What I call "weeds", God calls "dandelions", and pity my heart when I fail to see it

{Photo} Artsy dandelions 'round the pond - experimenting with the ISO setting in manual on my Nikon for a High Calling Focus challenge last spring.