Week{ending} and a bear update...

Nothing about the ending to this past week can compare with last weekend's bear story. The biologist never called and we haven't seen the bear since we left him up a tree Thanksgiving night. It's not the neat ending to our beary good Thanksgiving I like. I'd rather tell you that he was captured and moved - far, far away from Pollywog Creek - and that my greatest critter fear is my grandcat Nickie. 

Speaking of grands, Louis and I rode with Nick and his family up to Bartow on Wednesday to visit Aunt Annette, and on the way up, almost 5 year old Gavin asked from his seat in the back of the van, "How do people make people?" One of the joys of being a mimi is being able to stand back and watch my children parent their children. Relieved that I didn't have to answer Gavin, I wondered with amusement how Nick and Kristin were going to respond. After a few chuckles Nick said, "They don't. God does." And that was the end of that.

We're celebrating Gavin's 5th birthday today. His birthday is the 19th, but for a variety of reasons, today is the best day to party. I haven't wrapped his gift yet - trying to decide if I can get away with using up the "Happy Hannukkah" gift wrap we bought by mistake to wrap his birthday present two years ago. The gift wrap is blue with colorful candles and Gavin won't know the difference. What do you think? Should I use it?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here on Pollywog Creek. What about where you live? Is your tree up? Your home decorated? What plans do you have for this December weekend?

{photo}that scary grandcat Nickie