Wrapping up Christmas...

Gavin is Five


Though some of my friends may have wearied of all the Christmas glitter, I can't seem to get enough this year. Moments of self-pity at my inability to keep up, to go and do, may have sometimes veiled my joy, but it's been a season of slowness that I learned to embrace as a gift - a Christmas of peaceful calm with just enough moments of delightful grandlittle chaos and laughter to overcame the sometimes preschool overwhelmed-with-too-much-Christmas tears.

If it was up to me, I'd linger longer in the joy and music and sparkle of Christmas, but the season of days between Thanksgiving and New Years are coming to a close, so I'll wrap them up like strands of white twinkle lights - in a string of  beautiful, satisfying memories - of days framed in the joy and peace of our Lord.

Today we celebrate the life of a beautiful soul who traveled Home on Christmas Eve. She has been well-loved by family, friends and the community she faithfully served. She worked for the same employer for over sixty years and never fully retired. Her almost nine decades of life was well-lived, and as I approach the new years days ahead, I am inspired by her deep and rich legacy.

How was your Christmas this year? I'd really love to know.