With a brand new notebook...

Now that the holiday weeks of I-don't-have-a-clue-what-day-it-is are over and {Lord willing} there's a good possibility that a whole week {without a holiday} lays before me, I look forward to how I can work those goals - not as a to-do list, but a guide for growth. A framework - boundaries. 

I'll look for a new and interesting recipe, consider an artist or musician to research and a photography skill to practice, and wonder what I'll write to my grands in a Letter from Mimi's Backyard.

I know to expect challenges, interruptions, and the need to make adjustments and even embrace them, but I'm excited. It feels a bit like a new job or the first day of school with a brand new notebook.  

I better go sharpen my pencils.

{Photo} Day 8/366: red-bellied woodpecker at my sunflower seed feeder