I know no better illustration of abundance on earth than azaleas in spring. 

Their blushing, blooming explosions paint irresistible chromatic strokes across our southern landscape.

But it's an abundance that's relatively short-lived, for much too soon, the azaleas' unassuming evergreen branches will be all that remains of her rosy beauty. 

Azaleas are a glimpse of Heaven, I'm sure of it - and as the blossoms fade, they remind me that this is not my home. 

While there is beauty all around me every day - in a smile, a whisper, a cool breeze through an open window and the sun that rises and sets in a majestic blaze - they are only a glimpse of the beauty of Christ that never fades and in His presence, a beauty I'll one day gaze on forever.

Where do you see glimpses of Heaven in abundance and beauty this day?