It will never work...

I almost didn't read it. I have more things to do this morning than I have time, but something urged me to take a second look.  Go ahead - read it for yourself - especially if you're a wannabe like me. I'll wait.

Y'all know my "it will never work" dream - the one where my photography and prose is published. I haven't a clue what I'm doing, my equipment is bottom-line and ordinary, I'm almost ready for social security and my current inability to wander to even the edges of Pollywog Creek make me much like a bird capturing photos of her cage. Borrrrrrring - just ask my family.

I'll delete this post half a dozen times before I gather the courage to post it, but post it, I will, because I know that you have a dream, too, and all the reasons "it will never work", and if I'm bold enough to share mine, maybe you will share yours, too.

I'd love to encourage you, as you have encouraged me.

{Photos - from inside my "cage"}