It's like Christmas in our small town today. 

Preparations for this weekend's events have been in the works for days. Emily informed me that when she was little, she couldn't even sleep the night before. Needless to say, children who grow up in rural communities are easily entertained - and isn't that refreshing?

By the end of this weekend, all the little girls will want to be Miss Swamp Cabbage and the little boys to be cowboys. Most of us will have feasted on gator tail, swamp cabbage fritters and Seminole Indian fry bread, and cheered on the armored participants in more than one armadillo race. {One of this year's armadillos has been named after Emily - too funny.}

Jeans, cowboy boots and hats are the expected attire, and we will wander about to a steady stream of country music, dancing, gospel music and clogging from the gazebo in the park by the river. 

What does your weekend look like?


{The winner of the Dayspring Coupon Giveaway is Linda Chontos! Congratulations Linda! And thank you to everyone who participated.}