Anatomy of an Event::T-Ball...

ball on t waiting to hit


coach helps mason

mason waits to hit

hitting ball on t

the boring outfield

The Umpire

the pitcher's ready

The Orioles at Bat

Casey coaches Mason


Baseball Ready


good game

the game ball winner is 

Little League baseball is a very good thing
because it keeps the parents off the streets.
Yogi Berra
When Kelly announced the March High Calling Photo Play prompt, I knew right away the "event" I wanted to photograph.  

Last year, both Gavin and Mason were four-year-old rookies. This year, they are seasoned players. They know how to wear their caps and batting helmets, to be "baseball ready", and they've moved in from the outfield - where's there's little more to do than play in the clay dirt, look for insects in the grass and fight over the ball if it happens to reach them. 

They still have much to learn, but it's fun to watch their progress, even if it is a little less entertaining than watching a rookie.

It just so happened that we attended one of Mason's games first. I made a mental note of the elements of the game I wanted to photograph (players in the outfield will always play in the dirt), but in the end, my favorite photos were those serendipitous moments I could not have planned. 

Though I was challenged by the 8-foot chain-link fence that surrounded the field, the heat and shadows of a mid-day sun, I'm still pleased with enough photos to participate in The High Calling Photo Play this month.