Who and what we are...


Earlier this week, Emily and I stopped at a convenience store on our way home from the city. Emily was wearing one of her many Gator t-shirts that night, and as she walked in the store's front door, a man coming out said, "Go Gators."  A few minutes later, as she was leaving the store, the cashier said, "Go Gators."

Getting in the car, Emily laughed,  "I love it when my life is a commercial."

Watch this {it will only take a minute}...

It identifies who and what we are. 

And it makes me think, what do people see when they look at me that tells them who and what I am?
Go Gators

And I read this - and my heart is broken. 

And I wonder if the world knows who and what we are by how well we love each other. {thank you, Ann}

{Photos - Emily at the 2007 UF/FSU Game, a fence near the UF campus 2011}