You really are amazing...

"If you want to understand yourself just so that you can do whatever you'd like for your personal gain, then it's self-centered. If your intent is to love God, others, and yourself more, then knowing who you are is one of the most unselfish things you can do.
~ Holley Gerth,  You're Already Amazing

If you are like me and have ever doubted who you are, your worth and ability to make a difference in the world around you, I want to encourage you to read Holley Gerth's You're Already Amazing

From the beginning Holley makes it clear that it's not self-centeredness to pursue this understanding, but because we are image bearers - fearfully and wonderfully made to fulfill God's purposes for our individual lives.

In her easy to read, conversational style, Holley helps us identify our strengths and  weaknesses and the lies that have shaped our insecurities, fears and tendency toward perfectionism  - that we might embrace our unique giftedness and more fully live the confident and victorious life God intended.

Holley's delightful poetic prose graces each chapter, but it's her authenticity - her transparency - that connects with her readers. With her gift of encouragement and the support of scripture, she reaches through the pages to lovingly speak into the hearts of women of all ages and in all of life's seasons.

Drawing from her own feelings of inadequacy, as well as from her experiences as a licensed counselor, life coach and friend, Holley makes a variety of tools and inventories available to assist us in our understanding of who we are and how we can best fulfill our unique purposes with confidence.

With a "Go Deeper" guide for each of the 11 chapters at the end of the book, "You're Already Amazing" is a valuable resource for individual or group study.

Beginning this coming Monday {March 26}, I hope you will join me in watching the videos with Holley and following the discussion over at Bloom - the book club at (in)courage - where "You're Already Amazing" will be featured.  

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Holley Gerth is a cofounder of (in)courage, a writer for DaySpring, an author, and licensed counselor. Please visit her inspiring blog, Heart to Heart with Holley.

{Disclaimer: A free review copy of "You're Already Amazing" was kindly provided to me from Baker Publishing at the Revell Publishing Group, but the opinions expressed on Pollywog Creek are my own.}