To feel His pleasure...


In Art for God's Sake, Phil Ryken describes the artistic beauty in Makoto Fujimura's Images of Grace, his abstract expressions of God's common grace in Creation, His redeeming grace for the city, His healing grace for the downcast souls, and His sacrificial grace for the sinners, and I'm no Fujimura, just a wannabe psalmist with a camera, but I'm encouraged and validated by Ryken's description.   

To paraphrase Eric Liddell, I know God created me for a purpose, but He also gave me a camera and a perspective, and when I wander about and capture  the images of grace in Creation, for the city, for the downcast souls, and the sinners as I see them, I feel God's pleasure - a deep satisfaction in knowing I'm momentarily where God wants me to be - even if I'm misunderstood. 

How would you paraphrase Eric Liddell's famous quote? {near the 2:20 mark in the following short video} When do you feel God's pleasure?

{Photo::a summer afternoon in the grass on Pollywog Creek}