Week{ending}::living sacrificially...


It's been a great week. Well...except for Monday when I had the worst headache ever while away from home on business and lunch with the local crisis pregnancy center board. I felt so horrible that Joyce, one of my dearest friends in the whole world, had to drive me and my car home {an hour away} so that I could close my eyes, lay back in the car seat with a wet paper napkin over my face and try to keep from throwing up. 


Joyce is a saint. She lives more sacrificially than anyone I know - caring for her elderly mother in her home while meeting the multiple and various needs of so many others. Monday was a rare day of respite from caregiving, and she ended up caring for me. 


But the rest of the week? It's been great. Fatigue aside, I've felt better than I have in weeks - able to wander around outside sooner after I wake up and meander farther from the house in the wandering.

Wednesday I was beyond thrilled to meet up with Jen - a beautiful young woman God placed in my life and heart several years ago. Like Joyce, Jen lives sacrificially - loving on and nurturing her young family while caring for and carrying the burdens of those God brings across her path. She's a faithful friend and warrior in prayer.


Oh how I love the body of Christ. God is so, so good to me and I'm incredibly grateful for His kindness, His goodness....His love and grace.

Speaking of gratitude...

Joyce and Jen and Ann are not the only people in my life who live sacrificially for others - men and women who love and live like Jesus. There's simply not enough space to list them all here, but I know who you are, you know who you are, and you bless me a thousand times over. 

Who in the body of Christ comes to your mind when you think of living sacrificially in ways that bless and minister to you?