31 Days::Day 9 - To continue on...


The pre-dawn dark of night paints the world black beyond my windows, but it does not darken my relief at waking without the worst headache ever of yesterday. I know the sun will soon bring light and the mercies of a new day speak much encouragement to me this morning as I am grateful beyond words that the day past is behind me.

With only a half day at home, to shower and dress and put on a little makeup might be the only "lovely" I bring into the house today, but it will be a major improvement from yesterday, I assure you. My aspirations are a little higher, though, so I'll write my just one thing goals below as motivation for accomplishing them.

Day 9 - II Timothy 3 { ...continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it... vs 14 }, prepare an arrangement of flame bush flowers and beautyberries for the house, sweep and clean back porch after cutting the flowers and berries for the arrangement in this humid morning heat, I'm switching this task out for the cooler cleaning out the fridge. =). 

31 Days of Just One Thing