To be a light...


I know what it's like to exchange my robe of righteousness for shame - to cower alone in darkness and hide from the light that exposes my sin and to lick my wounds with bitterness.    

It's the enemy of our souls that wants us to linger in dark places and hide from the light we fear...the light that reveals our sins and brokenness, I tell my friend who knows this hiding in brokenness, too - this cowering embarrassed and ashamed.  

But it's the light that heals, I try to encourage my friend, and God's love covers a multitude of sins. It's freedom to admit we are broken. We are all broken - at different times in different places - but instead of confessing our sins and sharing our woundedness and asking those who love us to help us heal, we walk around trying to hold all the pieces together, leaving chips and shards of wounds in our wake. 

I tell her this, because hurt people hurt people, and it always come back to this...

Those who look to {the LORD} are radiant,
and their faces shall never be ashamed.
Psalm 34:4-7 ESV

We are radiant - not because we are light, but because we are in the Light and the Light of Christ is in us and - exposing our sins, healing our wounds, reflecting off our unashamed faces and pouring into and through our brokenness and onto the lives of those around us.      

{I intended for this to post yesterday morning, but for whatever reason, I failed to schedule it. As our nation mourns unspeakable evil, may the Body of Christ be light where ever the LORD takes us in the days to come. Come, Lord Jesus. Come quickly.}