Almost time to party...







I need to clear up the confusion - there's been no disagreement with anyone that I'm aware of, although I must admit that I'm a bit of an airhead and might have had a disagreement that I've simply forgotten.

It's a trend not a person that's caused me grief, and there's more than enough fabulous, God-honoring, people-loving posting out there to make up for what lays heavy on my heart and drags me down.

So I'm picking up the work God has given me to do, along with my camera, of course, and I'm moving on. Those of you who have stuck with me this week are breathing a sigh of relief, I'm sure.

We're driving east this morning to snatch Mason, Austin and Wyatt - three grandlittles I haven't seen in much too long. We're bringing them home to stay with us until Saturday.

Emily and Tyler

I'm grateful beyond words for my beautiful Emily {with 10 month old Tyler a couple of weeks ago} who has taken time off from work at the preschool to help me with the boys. But who am I kidding - she will do most of the work.  I can manage one or two grands at a time by myself, and even three of them for short periods of time, but three at once for two whole days and nights, and one of them still a baby? I need help, and I'm more than blessed that it's Emily.  Kristin, Tyler's mom, says Emily is our family's Nanny 911, and I think she's right. We're all in awe of her natural bent for entertaining and disciplining her neice and nephews.

I will be sad to take those energetic, funny and adorable boys home on Saturday, but the good news is that it will be almost time to party.