The best gift ever...


What dreadful hot weather we have. 
It keeps one in a continual state of inelegance.
Jane Austen

I'm learning to laugh at myself. It's about time.  

I've said it before, the choice is mine. I can accept my imperfections - the things I can't change - and be amused, or I can take myself too seriously and be thin-skinned and miserable.   

I've taken myself too seriously. It's highly over-rated, and I don't recommend it.

A merry heart is good medicine - even when I can laugh at myself. 

I wish I could tell you that I glisten in this harsh southern heat and humidity, but it's one of those things I can't change about how I was created. A woman of a certain age, on meds that make me even more hot-natured, and being fearfully and wonderfully made just the way I am - I don't just glisten.  

In her study on the book of James, Beth Moore confesses, I've blamed God at times for making me this way. I nod in agreement - me, too, Beth. Me, too. 

I don't understand why God made me heat intolerant and then made me live in Florida, I complained to Louis years ago. 

Because God knew I was here, Louis responded.

Sweet. I know. But the truth is, I've come to the conclusion that it's one of the ways God keeps me humble lest I think too much of myself. Like the last time I spoke, for example. I delight in the opportunities God has provided for me to speak into the lives of others. It's both terrifying and energizing, and I think sometimes that I'm good at it. It makes me feel good about myself, but standing behind the podium and sweating bullets in a continual state of inelegance for close to half an hour while speaking to a captive audience of women is humbling.   

Our Bible study hostess has graciously made her house comfortable for me. I'm the woman in church who fans away during the service. I bump up the air-conditioner at home until Louis and Emily are wrapped in blankets, and if you ever go with me somewhere and I'm driving, you might want to bring a sweater - even if it's summer. 

Today, one of the ladies at Bible study gave me a bright pink battery-operated fan to wear around the neck. I think it's hilarious. I also think that it's quite likely the best birthday gift ever.

{Thank you, Patti. You rock!}