Snowbirds, insects, and preaching...






Goldfinches are one of the snowbirds of Pollywog Creek - significantly increasing our local population in the winter and consuming available goods. Apparently they leave their best clothes up north, because they only show us glimpses of the bright yellow plumage they show off elsewhere in the summer. These photos from my archives - including the morning moon - are from early spring. Our feeders are stored for the summer leaving our aviary residents to find more delight in the abundance of insects our hot and humid summers always invite.











This was not the post I'd planned for this morning, but I can't get the one I worked on all weekend to not sound whiny and preachy.

No one wants whiny and I happen to believe that "preachy" is reserved for the preachers - and if you don't attend a Bible-believing church with a Bible-teaching preacher, you need to find one. 

That said, what did your pastor preach and teach from scripture this weekend?  And what did you hear God say to you through the message?  

I'll go first. 

Our pastor taught from I Samuel 24:1-7, and the reasons David did not kill King Saul when the opportunity to do so was handed to him in a most unusual way. To do so would have been against the laws of God, the principals of God and the wisdom of God. To quote my pastor, "God has not left decision making up to us to interpret through the {emotional} circumstances in life.

Pastor Bob said this, as well: "If you have consumer debt, you probably experienced emotions that clouded your judgement."  Emotions that led us to fail to consider the laws, principals and wisdom of God in making the decision to spend money we don't have. Oy vey anyone?

What did I hear God telling me? I hear him reminding me of the wisdom He is so willing and gracious to give when I ask. Last week I was unsure how I should respond to a difficult relational issue, and my first tendency was to ask my girlfriends for advice before seeking counsel from God first. 

There's nothing wrong with the counsel of godly friends, in fact it's scriptural, but not without relying on the wisdom from God in His word and in prayer first . 

And you?

{Tomorrow I'll be at Dan King's Bible Dude}