Still Saturday::to gather the harvest of the quiet eye...



To have an eye for the wide pictures and slight studies of nature; to gather them up in solitary walks which thus are not lonely; to lay them by, together with the heart's deeper thoughts, its associations, meditations and reminiscences; this is to fashion common things into a beauty which, to the fashioner at least, may be a joy for ever.
The Harvest of the Quiet Eye - Leisure Thoughts for Busy Lives, by John Richard Vernon

The outward shows of sky and earth
of hill and valley he has viewed;
And impulses of deeper birth
Have come to him in solitude

In common things that round us lie
Some random truths he can impart,
- the harvest of a quiet eye
That broods and sleeps on his own heart.

from A Poet's Epitaph by William Wordsworth

Thank you, Sandy, for giving me the opportunity to host Still Saturday last month, but we've all missed you and we're thrilled that you are back.