When I wish for more from myself {Psalm 84.9 memory verse}...

Psalm 84.9

Once upon a time, I was an expert multi-tasker who could keep multiple plates spinning - even after crohn's disease and the emergency surgery that removed half my colon {I actually changed out of my hospital gown into something more appropriate and was wheeled across the parking lot to the hemodialysis center I administrated so I could host the previously scheduled open-house}. Even while raising three busy boys, homeschooling, pregnancy in my 40's, and the full-time care of my bedridden mother. These days, it's a good one when I can keep one plate from crashing into irreparable pieces. 

So when there are long gaps in posts here on Pollywog Creek, please don't worry that I've slipped back into those recent blues - I simply have more going on in my life than I can manage and blogging is pushed to the bottom of my to-do list. 

In the meantime, there are three more verses {after this one} for me to memorize over the next 8 or 9 days. If you are memorizing Psalm 84 with me, I pray that these verses are speaking to you as much as they are encouraging me. I often wish I had the physical and mental energy of days past - when I could give my attention to and accomplish more in a day - but I'm so grateful for the shield God uses to protect me from myself and that desire to be and do more than what He desires for me.