Hanging on for dear life {and another GIVEAWAY}...


That frog in the middle - hanging on for dear life? It's a fairly accurate picture of how I've felt much of the past two or three weeks.

The past month has been a bittersweet mixture of celebrating four birthdays, Father's Day, and my son Nick's recent career advancement with the hard work of helping his family move 800 miles away and the many tearful goodbyes that move ensued. 

Just as I was recovering from 1600 miles in a car (half of them in the very uncomfortable back seat of a car overnight without sleep), I was hit hard with a GI "something" that almost sent me to the ER. Seriously. I went 5 days without coffee, and - for me - that is huge. I'm finally better, but last week is a bit of a blur.

All that to say that when I wrote my To Love Broken People #AtlasGirl Blog Tour post with a giveaway on Friday, I was barely hanging on. My few remaining healthy brain cells were obviously not enough for me to think through the time frame I was allowing for a chance to win a copy of Emily Wierenga's beautiful memoir #AtlasGirl. After choosing a winner from those that were able to enter, I decided to offer it again. This time, I'll leave the opportunity open long enough for everyone who wants to enter. 

Emily's captivating memoir is a faith journey that takes her around the world. I was fascinated by her detailed descriptions of places and people I'll likely never see for myself. I'd love to hear where your travels have taken you. Have you been to a foreign country? How far from home have your travels taken you? 

For another chance to win a copy of Atlas Girl from me, leave a comment here before this Sunday night, July 6th, and answer one those questions. I'll choose a winner at random the following day.

AND you need to know that today is Atlas Girl's official launch day. Emily Wierenga is hosting an Amazing Giveaway with even more opportunities to not only win a copy of Atlas Girl, but numerous other great prizes as well. 

It's also very important for you to know that: ALL proceeds from Atlas Girl will go towards Emily’s non-profit, The Lulu Tree. The Lulu Tree (www.thelulutree.com) is dedicated to preventing tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s mothers. It is a grassroots organization bringing healing and hope to women and children in the slums of Uganda through the arts, community, and the gospel.