Stopping by a Ditch on a Hot Summer Day {a pastiche}...

Florida Wildflower
Showy Milkwort

Whose ditch this is I do not know,
This wet grass where wildflowers grow.
I hope no one can see me here
Stopping to capture beauty low.

Florida Wildflower
Black-eyed Susan

Thrilled I noticed before it's mowed
This ditch along a country road
Between the highway and the bridge,
Half past noon by the orange grove.

Florida Wildflower
Showy Milkwort

Swallow-tailed kite glides high above,
Powerline perch a pair of dove,
Bees buzz by black-eyed susan's heads,
This ditch of flowers that I love.

Florida Wildflower
Star Rush

To linger long would be so sweet
But ice cream's melting on the seat,
And lunch to make before we eat,
And lunch to make before we eat.

*After a morning of appointments and shopping for groceries {yes, there really was ice cream in the car} -a pastiche by moi, with much gratitude to Mr. Frost.