It's the one thing I'm sure I can be without fail...

I'm battling the sins of comparison, perfectionism, and the not-good-enoughs, and in my weaker moments, I'm tempted to give up.

You would love my friend Lisa. She's glamorous, articulate and gifted in the many ways I am not. Lisa has led the women's study at church for years, and it's more than intimidating for a simple, often tongue-tied, country girl like me to take the lead from Lisa this fall.

I've considered buying new clothes {as though I could remake my sixty-something self to look as elegant as Lisa}, but that would only amplify my sin with poor stewardship. Like it or not, we're all stuck with me.

So I'm pressing on - laughing at myself because the opportunities are numerous and it's better than crying. Mostly I'm preaching the gospel to myself and believing that God's promises to Paul are mine, too.
My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.
And anyway, it's Jesus, not Lisa, that I'm to follow, and that I can do and be without fail, because...
The only thing that qualifies us to be followers of Jesus is that we are sinners who need grace. Sinners are the only kind of people Jesus calls.
~ Jon Bloom, Out of Sight
{Photos - early September in my neck of the woods}