Having a childlike faith in a grown-up world: Playdates with God...

What if...what if Jesus gave us the image of children because they are so utterly dependent on their parents....one thing they did very well: opening the empty hand. Children are excellent receivers. ~ Laura Boggess, Playdates With God: Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown-Up World, p. 67

I hungrily devour each chapter in Laura Boggess' newly released Playdates With God: Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown-Up Worldand then savor and digest each morsel of truth her words open like a gift. Laura articulates and validates what I've been experiencing since I serendipitously captured the beauty of a tassel flower and began cultivating an eye for life's mercies with a camera years ago.  

Laura gives a name to my photographic wanderings -- Playdates with God. She uncovers my deepest longings -- the needs I have, like that of a child, for love, intimacy and dependency on my Father -- that draw me to this practice where I ask Him to open my eyes to glimpses of His beauty, His character, and His gifts that I might capture them for my joy and His glory.  

In Playdates With God, Laura helps me realize the importance of being intentional to make this practice -- like Sabbath -- a scheduled event on the calendar each week -- a day and time where with open hands I'm ready to receive like a child what the Father freely gives. 

With support from Scripture, as well as resources in art, literature, science, and theology, Laura uses multiple images of play -- trampolines, swings, super-soakers, hide and seek, etc. -- to share her journey to recover a child-like faith through her own playdates with God in the midst of her adult responsibilities as wife, mother, author, poet and clinical psychologist.
To chase the God-bliss, do I dare step outside my preconceived notions of what a mature spiritual life looks like? Do I shed some of the self-imposed rules I subscribe to -- not worry about what others might think? Laura BoggessPlaydates With God: Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown-Up Worldp. 34
Playdates With God is a beautiful book I will long treasure. 

You can connect with the lovely Laura through her blog, facebook, instagram or twitter.

Thank you, Laura and Leafwood Publishers, for my complimentary copy of Playdates With God in return for my honest review.