Still Saturday::remember that we are not worthy...

You and I love not because we find worthy objects to love. Remember the cross!
Remember that we are not worthy. We are jerks, terse and stubborn people. We do not deserve God's love, and yet he provided it for us. 
Salvation's beauty comes by way of sacrificial love---a love that gives itself up for the unlovable. And that bloody love gave us life. It should be our joy to mime this kind of love. 
Today, you and I have the opportunity to bring life to others by way of our sacrificial love. 
Are you bringing heaven with you into your relationships? 
Willard, Timothy (2014-10-14). Longing for More: Daily Reflections on Finding God in the Rhythms of Life (p. 27). Baker Publishing Group. 

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday