Guess who's coming to dinner?

Chris Brauns, author of Unpacking Forgiveness, asked his favorite bloggers to briefly answer two questions for him: 

(1) Pretending that he and his wife Jamie were to take them and their date out for dinner at the restaurant of their choice, where would they like to eat?

(2) Other than the Lord Jesus, what two people from the Bible and their dates would they ask to join them?  

Chris posted the answers in his blog, A Brick in the Valley: here

The list of bloggers asked to participate included: Thabite Anyabwile of Pure Church Darryl Dash of Kevin DeYoung of DeYoung, Restless, and Reformed Lig Duncan – First Pres in Jackson Andrew Ford of Triangular Christianity Gunny Hartmann of Semper Reformanda Patricia Hunter of Pollywog Creek (yep, that's me) Brian McLaughlin of Triangular Christianity Andy Naselli – Thoughts on Exegetical, Biblical, Historical, Systematic, and Practical Theology Dan Phillips of Biblical Christianity and Pyromaniacs Shannon Popkin – Tiny Paragraphs Owen Strachan Derek Thomas of Reformation 21 Mike Wittmer, author of Heaven is a Place on Earth and Don’t Stop Believing Zach Nielsen of Vitamin Z Amy Scott of Amy’s Humble Musings Excluding me, of course, Chris' list is an excellent one, and I'm definitely adding subscriptions to my reader for those I didn't already have. 

And Chris, this is for you...

Painting Buntings