Saturday Photo Hunt - Lock...


The combination lock on the shed doors keeps unwanted guests out...
Gavin and the gate lock

...while the lock on this gate keeps Gavin in. For now, anyway. He's likely to realize that he can climb the fence before he figures out how to unlock the gate. Notice the layered look he had going on with his shirts? He went through a stage where he didn't want to take off his pajama shirt in the morning, so Kristin just put his pre-school shirt on over it. Two year olds are a riot, aren't they? 

Here's a couple of characters at Lion Country Safari that we hope will never learn to unlock their cage...
Lion Country Safari

We found it amusing that we were advised to keep the windows closed and the doors locked as we drove through the park. Did they really think any of the animals roaming free were capable of opening an unlocked car door? Interesting.

Thanks to TNChick, for her faithful and gracious hosting of the Saturday Photo Hunt each week. For "lock" photos from other Photo Hunt participants just click on the PhotoHunt tag below. The theme for next week's Photo Hunt is "creamy".