Mimi duty::knowing the rules...

I'm on another stretch of mimi duty, and it's a little bit easier this time - I know a few more of the rules and just how far I can stretch the boundaries without getting all of us in trouble. For example, Mason can have a snack after his nap if he eats his lunch, and Austin is not allowed to nap past three in the afternoon or play on the stairs. I've even mastered enough of that remote control to change channels, find previously recorded Backyardigans on the DVR, and turn on the Wii. Life is good.

It's a given, of course, that papas and mimis have earned the right to break a few of the rules from time to time, but it does make it more difficult to keep the little ones on the right path most of the time if we're not sure which path their parents want them to take - and self-motivated four-year-olds are not reliable resources for honest and accurate information.

It's much like my spiritual walk, I think. I'm bound to experience significant more cuts and bruises if I try to make my way through life without a knowledge and understanding of where I'll encounter the pitfalls and bumps in the road. There's grace, of course - more than enough for every fall, in every circumstance, and in every season - but the rules, the boundaries, have been given for my protection and joy, that I might avoid unnecessary pain or get lost in the dark.