Dawn to dusk...

Morning Glory
Morning Glory

I don't plan these things, you know. I'm not that good. Nicole C. Mullen sings it best I think...

"I'm so very - ordinary..."

Untitled Mexican Blue Bells

"Nothing special - on my own..."

Really. Just ask my children.

I live contently (most of the time) in a rural community in a rather modest home that begs for a fresh coat of paint and new flooring - and I take photographs with a simple point and click camera.

Beautyberry at Dusk 
Beautyberry at Dusk

With no clear destination or photographic subject in mind, I whisper the same prayer, "Lord, please open my eyes to glimpses of Your glory this day," as I grab my camera for a walk by the creek or around the pond and through the pasture.

And He shows me every time - in the fine dusting of glittery dew on the morning glories at dawn, in the bright reflection of the noonday sun on the Mexican violets, or in the shy gray lizard scurrying past the shiny berries of the beautyberry bush at dusk by the creek.

"When I call on Jesus - All things are possible..." 

Even with a point and click camera.