Saturday Photo Hunt::Wild...

...things on Pollywog Creek.

Yellow Wildflowers Collage

Wild Plants Collage

Wild Critters Collage

Wild Mushrooms Collage

Wild Birds Collage

Pinkish Wildflowers Collage

There could not have been a more difficult photo hunt theme for me than this week's "wild" theme. With thousands of wildflower and wildlife photographs in my archives to choose from, I have posted and deleted dozens - from dayflowers to bobcats to fox squirrels and goldfinches - in my attempt to complete this task. 

In a moment of frustration, I headed out the door with my camera and a determination that only whatever wild things I photographed around Pollywog Creek today would be included in this post. So there you have it. Wild things on Pollywog Creek - September 13, 2008!